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Now just $9.99!

We're so thrilled with the response to the Personal Theater and want to thank everyone for the kind words, encouragement and requests for a do-it-yourself kit. You asked for it, you got it! Personal Theater kits are now available for download! Get yours now! Check out some of our user submissions, great going everyone! Keep sending them and we'll keep posting them!

Drive-In and Concert Kits Now Available!

Now you can choose from our original Personal Theater Kit or our new Drive-In Kit.
Order both and get the Concert Kit for FREE!

The Original Personal Theater Kit
Drive-In Kit
The original Personal Theater Kit with all the rich textures of the cinemas of yesteryear. Recreate a favorite theater from your past or build the personal theater you've always wanted. Your imagination is the limit!
Load up the cooler, drop the top and always get the best spot at the drive in. Paying tribute to some of the greats lost on forgotten highways, these kits bring back the memories of those outoor cinematic adventures.

The Personal Theater Kit, only $12.00 $9.99!

The Personal Drive-In Kit, only $12.00 $9.99!

Check out the new iPad Concert Theater!

New! Order both kits and get the Concert Kit for FREE!

Order both the Home Theater AND the Drive-In packages (with the FREE Concert Kit) for only $20.00 $14.99!



The kits are quality images with do-it-yourself assembly instructions to give you the enjoyment and creative freedom to make your personal theater, well, yours! Each kit comes with many options for walls, floors, ceilings, marquees and lots of other extras like windows, sconces, tickets and doors.

You'll need a shoe box, a color laser printer, good craft glue, a sharp X-acto blade, and about 1-2 hours of fun time. We're very fond of our environment and love to recycle, so what better way to do our part than to take an old shoe box and turn it into your very own theater (those with big feet get the free IMAX upgrade :) ).

The kits will look fantastic by themselves, but there is plenty of room to customize your theater to your own tastes. Make the personal home theater you've always wanted or re-construct your favorite theater from your youth!



Have a great project idea or pictures of your Personal Theater you'd like to share? Need some tips?

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